1994 volvo 850 owners manual

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1994 volvo 850 owners manual

We trust that you will enjoy many years of safe To help ensure Welcome to the world-wide family of Volvo owners. We trust that you will enjoy many years of safe driving in your Volvo, an automobile designed with your safety and comfort in mind.Volvo reserves the right to make model changes at any time, or to change specifications or design, without notice and without incurring obligation. SHIFTLOCK: When your car is parked, the gear selector is locked in the (P)ark position. To release the selector from this position, turn the ignition key to position II (or start the engine), depress the brake pedal, press the button on the front side of the gear selector and move the selector from (P)ark. If the level is below the MIN mark in either section of the reservoir: DO NOT DRIVE. Tow the car to a Volvo retailer and have the brake system checked and any leakage repaired. The coolant level in the expansion tank should be checked immediately and topped off if necessary. The cooling system should be inspected by an authorized Volvo retailer. Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) If the light comes on (or stays on after the vehicle has started), the SRS diagnostic system has detected a fault. The cursor indicates the selected function. The trip computer's clock is shown permanently in the left-hand field. Refer to the previous page for more detailed information regarding the clock function. Rotate the control to the required position and press the button for at least two seconds to reset the selected function. To disengage the cruise control system: Set switch (B) to OFF, depress the brake pedal or move the gear selector to position N. Switching off the starting (ignition) switch will automatically disengage the cruise control system. Press the button again to switch the heating off. If the heating is not switched off manually, a timer will automatically turn the system off after 10 minutes. When the knob automatically releases, the cigarette lighter is ready for use.http://tailormade-sales-marketing.com/userfiles/janome-108-manual.xml

The starting (ignition) switch must be either in position I or II for the cigarette lighter to function. To open the rear ash tray, pull it straight out. To empty the front ash tray (see illustration, center column): (1) Grasp the removable gray insert on the sides and push it in. Never adjust the steering wheel while driving.This substance will not deplete the ozone layer. Volvo cares about the environment. The system contains 1.65 lbs (0.75 kg) R134a and uses ZXL 100PG (type PAG) oil. This function is designed to allow you to direct cool air toward you face while directing warmer air to the rest of the passenger compartment. The light is ON speed when the function is engaged. Function selector Air through panel vents Defrost. Air to windshield and side windows. When the passenger compartment has become sufficiently warm, set the blower control to position 2, adjust the temperature and open the side air vents. Maximum cooling: Open the vents.The outer vents can be opened to avoid mist on the side windows. The panel vents may emit some condensation when the air conditioning is initially switched on and is quite normal. This may occur if the ambient temperature and humidity are high. Air through floor vents Bi-level. Air through floor and panel vents. pg. 1:23 Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (Electronic Climate Control) - option Automatic setting Set the mode selector to AUT and select the desired temperature. The blower will run at its maximum speed in either the max heating or max cooling positions. The starting (ignition) switches must be ON (position II) for the electrically-operated windows to function. The window is lowered if the rear part of the switch is pressed and raised if the front part of the switch is pressed. Cassette eject 14. Display 15. Cassette slot 16. TP -Next song CD -Next track UP 17. TP -Fast forward CD -Music search UP 18. TP -Rewind CD -Music search DOWN 19.http://appfreshy.com/janome-11706-instruction-manual.xml

If the set is removed from the vehicle or if the battery power is disconnected, a special code must be entered to enable operation of the set. Refer to the radio code card supplied with your vehicle or ask your retailer for the correct code. B - Waveband selector The desired waveband is set by pressing one of the waveband selector buttons. The frequency and waveband is shown on the display. The tuned frequency is displayed. pg. 1:28 Radio A - Seek tuning Push the tuning knob to seek for higher frequencies. The radio seeks the next audible station and stops there. A number of strong stations (max. There must be a pause of approx. 5 seconds between songs for this function to operate.The radio will be automatically engaged. The radio or CD will engage automatically (depending on which mode was activated before the tape was played). B - Disc number selector Depress one of the preset buttons (1-6) to select the disc number desired. The selected disc number and track number will be displayed. The chosen disc number and track number will be displayed. From a disc chosen at random, 4 tracks will be played (also chosen at random).Extra cartridges are available at your Volvo dealer. Insert the discs into the cartridge, label (A) up. Insert the cartridge and close the cover. For this reason their range is limited. The AM waves follow the earth's surface and reflect against the atmosphere, giving them a wide range. If the sender is blocked by buildings or mountains, static can result. FM - reasons for distortion FM is affected by the electrical systems of nearby vehicles, especially those without suppression. The distortion increases if the station is weak or poorly set. However, we have endeavored to make the Volvo Audio System of a quality that will enable you to enjoy the best possible reception no matter what the reception conditions may be. Cassette cleaning We recommend the use of the Volvo Cleaning Cassette available as a genuine Volvo accessory.

Regular use improves sound quality, cleans vital parts and prevents tape tangle. If the headlight switch is in position. With switch in this position, the wipers will sweep approximately every seventh second. Never turn the key to position 0 while driving or when the car is being towed. The control light in the switch will illuminate. A timer switches off the system after approximately 12 minutes. The control light will go out correspondingly. At low speeds or when the car is not moving, the temperature readings may be slightly higher than the actual ambient temperature due to the heat generated by the engine. WARNING! The lock button should not be in the down position while driving.On cars equipped with an alarm, the alarm would be activated and would sound when one of the doors is opened. Replace the battery (type CR2025). The new battery should be put in with the text side up so that the cover can be closed. Do not adjust the seat while driving. The driver's seat is operable with the ignition OFF. Therefore, children should never be left unattended in the car. To program a seat position: 1. Adjust the seat to the desired position. 2. Depress the MEM button. 3. Press button 1 to program the current position of the seat. Electrically operated side-view mirrors The control switches are located in the central console, beside the parking brake. Front and rear reading lights always on Front and rear reading lights always off Front and rear reading lights come on when a door is opened. Light is on if the front switch is in position Light turns on if any door is opened. Lift the rear seat belts to the fixed section of the backrest. The center seat belt can also be folded across the fixed part of the backrest so that it does not get in the way if the right-hand backrest is folded down (see illustration above). Push the levers down to lock the backrests in the upright position. Straighten front backrests if they are tilted too far to the rear.

Pull the strap to lift the rear seat cushion and swing the cushion up and toward the back of the front seats. When the backrest is raised, the outboard head restraints return to their normal positions. The backrest must lock into place. The red lock indicator will not be visible if the seat has locked into place correctly. Fold the seat cushion toward the back of the front seats Release the red catches Disconnect the connector for the rear seat heating (certain models) Do not place extremely heavy articles against the front seats, as the backrest which is folded down is then placed under severe strain. Be sure to secure cargo.The luggage net unreels from the rear upped edge of the rear seat backrest. See page 3:9. Station wagons only: Unless the station wagon is equipped with Volvo's auxiliary seat for children (option) passengers should not ride in the rear cargo area. Station wagons only: If the optional auxiliary seat for children is in use, fold this seat down before folding down the rear seat backrest. To fold down the backrest: Move the seat as far rearward as possible Adjust the backrest tilt to the most upright position. Place transmission selector in P (PARK) position to help prevent inadvertent movement of selector.The starting (ignition) key must first be turned to the drive position. To slide open the sun roof: press the lower section of the switch. The sun visor automatically slides back slightly when the sun roof is opened to the ventilation position. CAUTION: Do not close the sun visor when the sun roof is in the ventilation position as this could damage the mechanism. This also releases and exposes the safety handle in the front of the grille. Lift the hood slightly to expose the safety handle. The hood can be opened to the vertical position by rotating the hinge catches (see illustrations). The catches will return to their normal positions when the hood is closed. Ensure adequate clearance in low-roof garages to avoid damaging the hood.

Packages on the rear window shelf can obscure vision and may become dangerous projectiles in the event of a sudden stop or an accident. A The door cannot be opened from the inside. Normal operation from the outside. B The door lock functions normally. WARNING! Remember, in the event of an accident, the rear seat passengers cannot open the doors from the inside with the buttons in position A. This means that you can either lock or unlock the trunk by means of either of the front doors. You can also operate the trunk lock directly with the master (or wallet) key even if the vehicle is centrally locked. To unlock - fold down the flap covering the lock (see inset illustration above) insert the key, turn it clockwise and allow it to spring back. WARNING! Do not drive with tailgate open. Poisonous exhaust gases may enter via the open tailgate. Child Safety lock The tailgate incorporates a safety catch which is located to the side of the lock. B Light is on when trunk lid is opened. Spare tire The spare tire is located under the carpet in a special well under the floor of the trunk. The jack is placed inside the wheel rim. A The light is always OFF. B Light comes on when the tailgate is opened. Always secure the spare tire and the jack to prevent them from rattling (see illustration). NOTE: See pages 6:2-6:3 for information on how the jack should be used. Never repair the belt on your own; have this done by an authorized Volvo retailer only.The Volvo SRS consists of airbags (2) and knee bolsters (5) on both the driver's and passenger's sides and seat belt tensioners in both front door pillars (4). The system is designed to supplement the protection provided by the three-point seat belt system. The airbags are folded and located in the center of the steering wheel and above the glove compartment. Attempting to do so may result in serious personal injury. If a problem arises, take your car to the nearest authorized Volvo Retailer for inspection as soon as possible.

This service must be performed by an authorized Volvo dealer. Should you have any questions about the SRS system, please contact your authorized Volvo Dealer or the Consumer Affairs Department: pg. The safest place in the car for children is in the rear seat.If the airbags have been deployed, we recommend the following: Have the car towed to an authorized Volvo retailer. Even if it can be driven after an accident we do not recommend driving the car with deployed airbags. In order for the SRS system to provide the protection intended, seat belts must be worn at all times by everyone in the car. The SRS system is a supplement to the seat belts. Sedans: There are three pre-drilled anchorage points under the rear window shelf which are not visible from the passenger compartment. If your child restraint requires a top tether strap, consult your authorized Volvo retailer for top tether anchorage and installation information. Our concern dates back to 1927 when the first Volvo rolled off the production line. Three-point seat belts, safety cages, and energy-absorbing impact zones were designed into Volvo cars long before it was fashionable or required by government regulation. Break-in period Fuel requirements, Octane rating Driving economy. Deposit control gasoline Volvo recommends the use of gasoline containing deposit control additives. These additives have shown to be efficient in keeping injectors and intake valves clean. Consistent use of deposit control gasolines will help ensure good driveability and fuel economy. Only these pumps have nozzles which fit your car's filler inlet. If the booster battery to be used is in another car, check that the cars are not touching to prevent premature completion of negative circuit. To reduce the possibility of explosion, never expose battery to open flame or electric spark. Do not smoke near battery. Batteries generate hydrogen gas which is flammable and explosive. Battery fluid contains sulfuric acid.

Do not allow battery fluid to contact eyes, skin, fabrics or painted surfaces. Tow the car to a Volvo retailer and have the brake system checked and repaired. Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) If the warning lamp lights up there is a malfunction of the ABS system (the standard braking system will however function) and the vehicle should be driven to a Volvo retailer for inspection. For trailer weights exceeding 2000 lbs. (908 kg), use only a trailer hitch offered as a Genuine Volvo accessory. Remove the ball and drawbar assembly when the hitch is not being used. Volvo recommends the use of synthetic engine oil when towing a trailer over long distances or in mountainous areas.It is therefore advisable to check the state of charge more frequently and spray an anti-rust oil on the battery posts.Your retailer will also be able to supply you with bulbs, fuses, spark plugs and wiper blades for your use in the event that problems occur. Never use P while car is in motion. The parking brake should also be used when parking on grades. The gear selector is mechanically locked in the P position (Shift lock). Use the parking brake. The engine can be started with the gear selector in this position. D (Drive) D is the normal driving position and should be used as often as possible to help improve fuel economy. Slightly depressing the selector knob allows selection of positions R, N, D, 3 and L. Fully depressing the selector knob allows selection of positions P. Avoid, however, repeated changes since this can cause overheating of the transmission oil. For driving on long continuous uphill gradients, select position 3. The anti-theft code must be re-entered before the radio will function properly. The electrical system in your car is designed to accommodate Volvo accessories. It also has an accessory connector beneath the dashboard on the driver's side. Do not use bias ply tires as this will adversely alter vehicle handling characteristics.

Roof racks Roof racks are available as Volvo accessories. Observe the following points when is use: Avoid single-point loads. Distribute the load evenly. Place heavier cargo at bottom of load. An extra mat on the driver's floor can cause the accelerator pedal to catch. Check that the movement of the accelerator pedal is not impeded. Not more than one protective floor covering may be used at one time. Do not attempt to start the car by pushing or pulling it as damage to the three-way catalytic converter can result. Read the following pages carefully. General information, Wear indicator, Tire economy, Flat spots. Snow chains can be used on the tires and wheels provided as original production equipment with your Volvo. Do not mix tires of different design as this could also negatively affect overall tire road grip.Special wheel rims for air dams Only special wheel rims, tested and approved by Volvo, are suitable for use with the air dam installed on the 850. pg. 5:4 Wheels and tires Checking and correcting tire pressure Check the tire pressure when refueling. The jack and crank are secured in the wheel recess. Engage the parking brake. Put the gear selector in (P)ark (automatic) or in Reverse (manual). Position the jack on the bar in the jack attachment as shown in illustration A above and crank while simultaneously guiding the base of the jack to the ground. The jack attachment must engage the bar in the jack attachment (A). The car's weight must not rest on the jack's attachment (B). Be sure the jack is on a firm, level, non-slippery surface. Never allow any part of your body to be extended under a car supported by a jack. In the event of damage to this tire a new one can be purchased from your Volvo dealer.Spare fuses are stored in a compartment in the fuse box. If fuses burn out repeatedly, have the electrical system tested at a Volvo retailer.For more detailed information concerning function and location of relays, fuses, etc., refer to the Volvo Service Manuals.

Causes of unsatisfactory performance should be investigated and corrected by your Volvo dealer only.See page 8:16 Fault in electric cooling fan Check that the electric cooling fan functions properly. WARNING! The electric cooling fan may start or continue to operate (for up to 6 minutes) after the engine has been switched off. Drive the vehicle in a lower gear and keep the engine rpm higher for a few miles in order to remove carbon deposits on the spark plugs. If this procedure in not effective, clean or replace the spark plugs. When installing Halogen bulbs, do not touch the glass with your fingers because grease, oil or any other impurities can be carbonized onto the bulb and damage the reflector. Lateral headlight adjustment should only be carried out by an authorized Volvo retailer.Press in the springs on both sides of the holder. Pull the cover towards you. Depress the catches on both sides of the reflector and withdraw it from the holder. Unscrew the three screws. Insert the screwdriver and turn gently to loosen the glass lens to gain access to the bulb holder. Replace the bulb(s) and reinstall the bulb holder and glass lens. Unscrew the two screws. Insert the screwdriver and turn gently to loosen the glass lens. Replace the bulb and reinstall the glass lens. pg. 6:11 Replacing bulbs Front courtesy lights Switch off the ignition. Insert a screwdriver and turn to loosen the lamp unit. Replace the bulb and press the lamp unit back into place. Vanity mirror Switch off the ignition. Insert a screwdriver under the lower edge and turn to loosen the glass lens. Twist off the bulb holder. Pull the bulb straight out. Replace the bulb. Reinstall the holder and lamp unit in reverse order. Rear Insert a screwdriver and turn carefully to loosen the glass lens. Press the lamp unit back into place. NOTE: Other bulbs may be difficult for the owner to replace. Let your Volvo retailer replace these bulbs if necessary.

The rustproofing compound under the car should be checked regularly and, if necessary, damaged areas should be repaired. If it is necessary to touch-up the rustproofing, this should be done immediately to prevent moisture penetration. Make it a habit to check the finish regularly - when washing the car for instance. Touch up if necessary. Paint repairs require special equipment and skill. Contact your Volvo retailer for any extensive damage. Minor scratches can be repaired by using Volvo touch-up paint. The plate is located on the panel above the right-side head lights. Minor stone chips and scratches Material: Primer - can. Pull the tape off so that any loose flakes of paint adhere to it. 2. Thoroughly mix the primer and apply it with a small brush. NOTE: It is particularly important to wash the car frequently in the wintertime to prevent corrosion, when salt has been used on the roads. Otherwise the finish may be permanently damaged. WARNING! When the car is driven immediately after being washed, apply the brake several times in order to remove any moisture from the brake linings. Leather upholstery can be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild soap solution. For more difficult spots, consult your Volvo dealer. On no account must gasoline, naphtha or similar cleaning agents be used on the plastic or the leather since these can cause damage. Spots on textile mats can be removed with a mild detergent. Bear in mind Take extra care when removing stains such as ink or lipstick since the coloring can spread. Use solvents sparingly. Too much solvent can damage the seat padding. For further information regarding these regulations, please consult your Volvo retailer. For further information regarding these regulations, please consult your Volvo retailer. For Canadian specification vehicles, see your separate warranty booklet. New Car Limited Warranty Parts and Accessories Limited Warranty.

Slowly move the gear selector lever through all the shift positions and then to position P. Wait 3 minutes before checking the oil level. This initiates a secondary combustion of exhaust gases which helps minimize hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide levels and reduces warm-up time for the catalytic converter. Check the coolant level regularly.Water by itself reduces the rust-protective and anti-freeze qualities of the coolant and has a lower boiling point. It can also cause damage to the cooling system if it should freeze. The distributor ignition system operates at very high voltages. Special safety precautions must be followed to prevent injury. Always turn the ignition off when: Connecting engine test and diagnostic equipment to the vehicle (timing light, tach-dwell tester, ignition oscilloscope, etc.). Check all vacuum hoses and connections. Checking and adjusting idle air control system Your Volvo is equipped with an electronically controlled idle air control system that requires no checking or adjustment. Timing belt. Fuel system cap, tank and lines and connections The effectiveness of the fuel system to contain hydrocarbons is dependent largely on a leak-free system. Heated oxygen sensor This is an emission control system designed to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy. The heated oxygen sensor monitors the composition of the exhaust gases leaving the engine. The exhaust gas analysis is fed into an electronic module. This adjusts the air-fuel ratio to provide optimum conditions for combustion and efficient reduction of the three major pollutants (hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) by a three-way catalytic converter. Instead, the crankcase gases are admitted to the intake manifold and cylinders. PCV system The orifice nipple in the intake manifold and the filter at the end of the PCV hose in the air cleaner should be inspected every 60,000 miles (96,000 km). This should be done by an authorized Volvo retailer. pg.

8:10 Engine oil Checking the oil level The oil level should be checked every time the car is refuelled. If you change the engine oil and filter yourself, your Volvo retailer can assist you in disposing of the used oil. Engine oil can be harmful to your skin - gloves should worn when performing this work. The use of incorrect viscosity oil can shorten engine life. Volvo recommends the use of energy-conserving oils. Look for the API label. Synthetic oils complying with oil quality requirements are recommended for: Driving in areas of sustained temperature extremes (hot or cold), when towing a trailer over long distances or for a prolonged driving in mountainous areas. These labels certify the oil conforms to the applicable standards and specifications of the API. Oil with a different quality rating may not provide adequate engine protection. Synthetic oils complying with oil quality requirements are recommended. Volvo recommends the use of fuel economy improving oils. Full-flow type oil filter.Vehicle Loading The tires on your Volvo should perform to specifications at all normal loads when inflated as recommended on the tire information label. The label is located on the inside of the fuel filler flap. The label lists both tire and vehicle design limits. It is of the utmost importance that old batteries are disposed of correctly. Your Volvo retailer can assist you in this matter. Generator Rated output 1400 W Max. These are the same manuals used by competent Volvo technicians. Major sections within the Service Manual System include: 0- General Information; 1- Lubrication and Service;. These professional mechanics are fully able to analyze vehicle problems and perform the necessary service procedures to keep your Volvo at peak operating condition. Please consult your Volvo retailer if you have any questions before connecting accessory or optional equipment to the vehicle's electrical systems. See page 8:15. 2 Coolant level should be between the expansion tank marks.

Mixture 50% anti-freeze and 50% water. We’ve checked the years that the manuals coverYou’ll then be shown the first 10 pages of this specific. Then you can clickSpam free: Maximum of 1 email per monthSpam free: Maximum of 1 email per month. Please try again.Please try again.Please try again. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. Register a free business account Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. Videos Help others learn more about this product by uploading a video. Upload video To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. The automobile also has a tight turning circle, 10.2 m (33.5 ft), and is considered very maneuverable. By comparison, later large Volvos had a 11.9 m (39.0 ft) turning circle. The 850 saloon features an interior space of 2.80 cubic metres (99 cu ft). This is slightly more than the 2.78 cubic metres (98 cu ft) of the 2004 Mercedes-Benz E-Class, even though the car is reasonably compact on the outside.The interior was fitted with leather seats and burled walnut accents.Both yellow and black versions came with the same black interior as the only choice.The side airbags were integrated into the rest of the Volvo model line the following year as an option, and became standard a year after that; other manufacturers soon followed suit. The car was also fitted with an early example of daytime running lamps. Also, just like the 940, it had three-point seatbelts at all five seating positions (previously, cars had only a lap belt for the center rear seat). The T-5R also used the OBDII diagnostics system, a year before OBDII was made an automotive standard.

The white and aubergine cars were preproduction cars whereas the grey ones were produced by special demand for the Arabian market.Visual features included front and rear mudflaps, the exhaust exiting on the right rear with the bumper being provisioned for dual outlets and specific AWD badging.For 1995, TWR built a Saloon version, with the switch from Estate to Saloon being made mainly due to changes in BTCC regulations regarding aerodynamic aids which effectively ended any chance of the Estate being competitive. With Rickard Rydell and Tim Harvey driving, the 850 Saloons qualified on pole position 12 times and won six races, with Volvo placing third in the Manufacturers Championship. In 1996, an improved 850 Saloon competed in the championship with Rickard Rydell and Kelvin Burt driving, achieving five race wins. Volvo again finishing third in the Manufacturers’ Championship. Volvo also competed in the Super Touring category with the 850 across Europe and in Australia in this era.It entered the Australian Super Touring Championship with an estate version driven by Scott in 1995 and an 850 saloon by Brock in 1996 and Jim Richards in 1997. Two cars were entered in the 1997 Bathurst 1000.Retrieved 2018-05-22. Archived from the original on 2007-11-04. Retrieved 2018-04-04. Retrieved 2017-12-20. Retrieved 2018-02-06. Retrieved 2018-04-13. Oxford Quick Reference Online (2 ed.). n.p.: Oxford University Press.Archived from the original on 2012-03-13. Retrieved 2014-04-04. Retrieved 2017-12-30. Retrieved 2018-04-12. Retrieved 2018-04-13. Retrieved 2018-04-12. Neo-Industrial Organising: Renewal by Action and Knowledge Formation in a Project-intensive Economy. New York: Routledge.Car: A Drama of the American Workplace.By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sedan chairs were developed in the 1630s.